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Lettering Studio

Hand lettering
from sketch to Photoshop

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“This has been so useful, so clearly formatted & explained, and generally a joy to work through. Thank you very much for sharing.” – Stephen Long, Lettering Studio student

“The Illustrator section was what I signed up for and it met all expectations – the kind of basic 101 that most other tutorials assumed I already knew. Really useful! “ – Moya, Lettering Studio student

“I can’t wait to start! I’ve been meaning to do something like this for 2 years. Thank you for making it easy for me to finally jump in.” – Melanie Fisher-Wellman, Lettering Studio student

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Lettering Tutorial

Warm-ups and practice exercises.

Shapes, letters, and basic theory behind how brush letters are formed, as well as exercises to practice.

Lettering Tutorial

Tools & Materials

Exploring tools of the trade: brush pens, paint pens, microns, pencils, as well as digital options like iPad Pro

Lettering Tutorial

Uppercase & lower case alphabets

Worksheets with each letter of the alphabet, uppercase and lowercase, with labelled stroke analysis

Lettering Tutorial

From sketchbook to Photoshop

Taking your hand-drawn work from your sketchbook to a fully digital piece, including easily removing the background, using nothing but your phone and Photoshop.

Lettering Tutorial

The pen tool

Simplifying the pen tool to make natural looking vector shapes

Lettering Tutorial

Inspiration overload

The best way to use Instagram for endless lettering inspiration

Image from Typespire

Enter your email address for 5 free lessons over 5 days

My name’s James. I’m from Sydney, Australia, and I’ve been drawing since before I can remember. I majored in Visual Art in high school, studied Design and Fine Arts at university, currently work as a Product Designer for a web publishing company, and can’t seem to stop drawing letters.

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