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Welcome To The Bonus Brush Pen Exercises


Thanks so much for sharing! I really appreciate it.

Okay, the very first thing you’re going to need to do is to get used to how a brush pen works and behaves. The more you understand this, the more control you’ll have over your final piece.

The exercises below will get your hand familiar with manipulating the brush in a natural way, and will be the perfect prerequisite for the rest of the course.


What You’ll Need


A brush pen. I’m using a Tombow, but any will do!

A ruler

A pencil





Using your ruler, lightly rule two parallel lines with your pencil. These will be your guides during these exercises. Fill the page with them as we’ll be working through some repeating drills.



Exercise 1


Hold your brush pen lightly, press the whole side of the brush to the paper to create quite a thick line, and, while applying a high amount of pressure, slowly draw a diagonal line. Keep the pressure steady and constant throughout to keep your line even.




Fill a sheet of paper with these lines, and make sure to try to keep the same diagonal angle for each!