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Lesson 3 – The Lowercase Alphabet


Welcome to Lesson 3! After Lesson 2’s theory and style based lesson, we’re going to jump right into some practical lettering!

I’ve created a video where I slowly draw each letter of the alphabet with a Tombow Brush Pen. The lesson aim here is for you to practice and recreate each of these lowercase letters. Use this video as a reference resource for the solid structure of each letter.

Because lettering is, in essence, drawing letters, there are SO MANY ways of creating each character within the alphabet. This is but one style, and I’ve tailored it so that it aligns with the shapes and exercises we’ve practiced so far. Each letter is only made up of shapes you’ve already practiced creating.

This isn’t the fanciest way to create each letter, but it’s the perfect foundation to build upon. Master the simple shapes that build up each character, and you can then expand on those to create almost any style imaginable!

Your homework for this lesson is to practice each letter of the alphabet until it feels totally comfortable. Set up your page the same way we did in Lesson 1 and have some fun!

See you in 2 days for Lesson 4 – we’ll be exploring the uppercase alphabet! I very much hope you’re enjoying doing this course as much as I am enjoying making it 🙂 

Hang on, there's more!

I’ve built print-ready worksheets, with multiple traceable prints of each lowercase letter of the alphabet, perfectly sized for you to begin practising while watching today’s lesson video. These help hugely with first getting used to how each letter is formed. To get access to the download page just click below to share Lettering Studio – it would really help me out!

Give me the worksheets!