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Lesson 4 – The Uppercase Alphabet


Welcome to Lesson 4! You probably guessed what we’d be covering today based on Lesson 3 – it’s uppercase time!

The uppercase alphabet is even more fun than the lowercase – capital letters are the perfect opportunity to play with flourishes, decorations, and stylistic experiments!

Once again, I’ve created a reference video for you to draw along with. This practice alphabet is still relatively simplistic, as it’s intended as a baseline for you to build on as you grow as a lettering artist, however now that you’re getting more experienced I’ve added some slight variations and flourishes.


Your homework:

Similar to last week – set up your paper with your guidelines and practice each letter until they start to feel comfortable. However, there are no worksheets this week! ? Now that you have some experience and practice under your belt I want you to try to draw these without the guides to trace. I have faith! Give it a try and persevere, even if they don’t look the way you want them to initially! You’ll be surprised at your own improvement after a page of practicing! ?



See you in 2 days for Lesson 5 – we’ll be taking our first foray into working with your new lettering skills in Photoshop! I can’t wait, see you then! ?

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